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Publish With Pride

Each piece of content should:
  • Reflect your organisation’s goals and user’s needs
  • Understand how user’s think and speak about a subject
  • Communicate to people in a way that they understand
  • Be useful
  • Stay up-to-date and and remain factual
  • Be accessible to all people
  • Be consistent
  • Be able to be found
  • Be something you are proud to send out!

Only when you understand your audience can you communicate effectively, don’t talk at them and make sure you read the room.

Make your content useful to the audience, it is about you, not for you, so speak in terms that the audience can relate to, that way there is more chance of a positive reaction from them.

Before you publish anything make sure there is a clear objective, is it an event like a sale or a promotion? Do you need people to respond, maybe to confirm attendance? If so make sure you ask the question, don’t just assume people know what to do next because those assumptions can be expensive – you could over-cater or book a venue when nobody can make it.

If it prompts communication you can then act on useful information, this might help you manage stock or confirm price points – anything that makes you more efficient has got to be good!