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The building process

Building a website or APP should be an enjoyable process – the excitement should build and all of the team members on both sides should be engaged and fully onboard to get the best results.

The development team should be an extension of your team, we work for you and we want the end result to be the very best it can be, every time, no exceptions.

To ensure smooth sailing you need a project plan, building a website does not start with installing a theme and walking away – it’s not a pop up tent! There are many options available for themes and site builders but even when you go that route you still need a plan.

First stage is to understand the requirements – this is where you set the elements needed to make the site successful, and this includes setting the KPI’s for the project, we need to be able to measure performance.

Stage two is the system design – this confirms the project structure and outlines how the build is going to be achieved, this sets the platform that will deliver the project requirements.

The third step is the UX – the user experience, look and feel, design to use a few common phrases, essentially this is how the site is going to look – on a custom development it could be anything you want, on a theme you’ll be more limited in what it can be made to do, and with a website builder it is pretty much what you see is what you get.

Next is the programming and integration with the content management system – this ties the design to the functionality.

Number 5 is the content entry – this stage is open ended, normally it will include examples of each page type and the actual content laoding can be a DIY process or a separate project. In the case of large inventory for e-commerce sites there may be options for bulk uploads or integration with POS or Inventory management programmes.

This leads to the training and QA stage where we let you loose and then deploy the site when everyone is happy with the performance.

In a nutsell that’s the process!