Training Can't Stop!

As we reset after Covid-19 many aspects of business life are going to be altered - one of these is how we approach training. Because it is not practical to get people together in one room at the moment, it doesn't mean that training staff has to be put on the back burner. We have developed some awesome tools to help you train your staff - you can deliver your messages and ensure your team members are able to access the material and demonstrate their understand - all handled remotely. Find out more here

Deliver your message

Enhance your staff and customer relations

  • Custom built e-learning tools for staff training, contractor inductions and student or customer education campaigns
  • Raise awareness of your products and services to improve sales or selection
  • Develop health and safety programs to ensure staff meet minimum criteria and evidence any future audits
  • Online training modules contain digital resources such as: web pages, PDF downloads, photos, diagrams, graphs and video presentations
  • Informal or formal assessments using multiple choice questions and answers with a range of options to measure score or pass rates
  • Qualifying students receive certifications and reports along with logging and advisory comments for further study

Deliver your message

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“Whitfield Consulting offers services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund’

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Online Training

Online Training Systems

Tailored to your audience

Online training can optionally be added to your physical face to face training, events or presentations allowing you to collect otherwise anonymous information and report on success rates, collect useful customer contact details or areas for staff development.

Our systems allow you to present your material and allow staff or customers the means to demonstrate their understanding.

You can easily update your material and your team can enhance their skills - even while not wearing any pants!

So what do you get from us?

Why are we different?

We will deliver your training messages with dedicated websites tailored to your staff and customers.

Areas we specialise in are

  • Inductions and Onboarding
  • Health and Safety
  • Sales and Marketing

Your courses will be engaging and effective and your staff and clients will reap the benefits.

So what do you get from us?
Easy to manage

Simple to manage

Customise your courses

Developed in Concrete5, a hugely popular web development platform, anyone can manage it for you. You retain full control over your website and we provide training, so you can change content or we can change it for you.

The admin interface is simple to use and we provide full training so you are never on your own.

The system is totally customised to your criteria - for example you can

  • Create new courses
  • Set the number of attempts at any question
  • Reorder questions to prevent cheating
  • Manage fees for each course
  • Choose whether to give a free re-sit

The system is flexible and you are always in control