What's the plan?

You wouldn't build a house without an architect designing the end product would you? The same principle applies to your online presence, scope it out properly  before you make expensive mistakes,

"Aim: This programme incorporates the use of website development and ecommerce technologies such as Concrete5, OpenCart and Shopify to identify the best fit for your business to start selling effectively online. 

This package requires an open mind as it takes a business owner from limited experience online, possibly they have no web presence or currently have a basic website. 
We will explain how to get full benefit from the web through understanding their audience, planning and setting up KPIs to help in getting their business online, especially in the mobile space using Flutter as a platform for mobile app development. 
We will provide training in setting up effective social media channels, identifying eCommerce capabilities, and educating them on how to incorporate their online presence into their business operation. 

This package consists of the training outlined in the following packages: 
1. Understand your Market 
2. Establish your presence - identify website and social media requirements 
3. Understand your competitor's position/s - what do they do well? Where do the opportunities sit? 
4. How to present your benefits online 
5. How to measure performance 

Fact-finding Site visit - at your convenience 
4 follow-up site visits - one per week in the first month, zoom session daily as required 
Weekly reports and reviews 
Start to finish period: 6 weeks 

$4950 + gst

Regional Business Partner

Funding could be available for this programme

Whitfield Consulting offers services that are registered with the Management Capability Development Voucher Fund.

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