What makes a website work?

The short answer is a combination of key elements - it is fair to say that anyone can make a website these days, there are free site builders everywhere, so why are businesses like ours still around? It is a similar scenario to that facing professional photographers these days, everyone has access to a camera but we don't all know how to set up the best shot.

Everyone knows an expert these days too, "I could have built it for half that price!" says the "IT expert" but if that was true they would be able to retire from their day job! The reality is a bad website will cost you more than you'll ever really know - people make decisions about your business based on your website, and you won't even know they were ever there. Why would you risk that? 

Get the site your business needs and you will enjoy the benefits - here are some insights into how we approach the business of building a successful website.


Business websites

Business websites

The art of building websites for businesses

Your website has a very important job to do - there are lots of ways to measure this but ultimately most people measure success by how much business is generated that you wouldn't have picked up without your website. It has to generate new leads and sales for you, otherwise what's the point?

Is your website up to the job, or is it time to consider your options? At Whitfield Consulting we hate seeing poor performing websites that are not working and costing their owners money.
Is your business needing more enquiries and leads? Or worse...are your competitors, who you know aren't as good as you, getting more business than you?
What would it mean for your small business if instead of finding out about jobs after they happen, you got a chance to quote?

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Not all websites are created equal

You need the right site

A new website is a crucial business investment. Who you choose for your small business web design can be the difference between an average website and one that takes your sales to the next level. At Whitfield Consulting we design websites that sell, so you get both professional and affordable web design.

Whitfield Consulting designs websites to be successful
Many people can build websites, but it takes experience to get them to perform and not just look pretty. There are many facets to ensure your website works well including design, customer engagement, conversion of visitors into leads and sales…and much more!

We have mentioned the dangers of the amateur expert but also beware of the web company that outsources their projects overseas, or the "designer" that’s just taken up website development. We have seen it time and time again.

While well meaning it often gets poor results for the unwary business owner, and you may have to learn the hard way that it is you that foots the bill, working with us means you can enjoy the process.

Not all websites are created equal
What's the difference

So what do you get from us?

Why are we different?

Here’s what you get from us.

Go all in! You need an attractive, professional web design to showcase your products and services.

Modern, mobile friendly and fast to load
Set your business apart with an impressive design
Create the wow-factor
Take your online presence to a whole new level
View Our Work
Each page beautifully presented
Make it a pleasure for your audience to browse your site with content that’s beautifully laid out.

What about after we launch?

Ongoing involvement

Need help writing your content? Our copywriting services are very affordable and effective.

Get more leads with content that shows your value, is helpful, builds trust and ‘strikes a chord’ with your audience. Create a point of difference and inject personality into your brand.

Get found in Google
Having a beautiful looking website is a pointless if no one can find it!

Our team will research the best performing keywords for your business and build them into your website so you can rank higher. This is called on-page search engine optimisation (SEO). Local SEO is vital for small business web design.

Sadly, we come across many websites that don’t have this and the business owner is non-the-wiser, despite having paid for it to be done. We’ll show you your on-page SEO so you can have confidence it’s been done to a high standard.

Irresistible offers and clear calls-to-action
Get more leads with an intelligent plan of action for your website.

Carefully thought-out primary and secondary calls to action encourage visitors to get in touch with you.

Provide the right options to generate leads and sales.

We make it easy, secure and robust

What about after we launch?
Easy to manage

Training and support

We'll help you set up a plan

Developed in Concrete5, a hugely popular web development platform, anyone can manage it for you. You retain full control over your website and we provide training.

All our web developers are highly experienced. They apply best practice coding to ensure your site is fast to load, secure and robust.

We never outsource any aspect of our projects, because we like to stay in complete control of quality and delivery. Be wary of web design companies that send work offshore. It often results in poor outcomes for the client as we have seen time and again when companies ask us to step in and pick up the pieces.

Trusted, proven and preferred
Whitfield Consulting has been around since laptops had 8MB of RAM. We have over 20 years of unbeatable experience. While other digital agencies may claim to have ‘combined experience’, it’s actual experience that counts.

Experience matters most in challenging situations, like today’s current economic outlook. We can help you gain every advantage with a professional, affordable and full service solution.

Take control

Make updating the website part of the job

Easily manage your website

Quick and easy, user-friendly content management system. Retain full control over your website and save time and money by updating it yourself. Add and edit pages, photos and testimonials easily.

Invest in world leading software
Be wary of choosing a web developer that uses their own software. What will happen to your website if they go out of business? We use Concrete5, a hugely popular platform that’s secure, robust and proven.

Integrates with lead generation tools
Get all the features you need with a website that integrates with the best tools to maximise sales online. Never miss an opportunity to answer questions, qualify leads and generate enquiries 24/7.Whitfield Consulting

Take control