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Size reductions can be good!

Get your messages out to your market how they need it, not how it is convenient for you – I know that sounds weird but we hear lots of clients working on communicating how they like it, not how customers want to receive it.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t get content on your mobile, your audience does and that’s what matters, ignore it at your peril!

Remember when people used to use telephones, with a dial sometimes or a key pad – and when you wanted to speak to someone you had to make everyone else leave the room or at least be quiet! Maybe you don’t, phones have been mobile for a good while now, but the humble desktop might head in the same direction for some people! 

Mobiles and laptops dominate the space now, and as a consequence website design is becoming more attuned to delivering information cleanly and quickly.

If you look at your bank or daily news sites they will have specific mobile sites that are light on graphics – even the adverts! 

Be ready to switch over, the late adapters will be the ones that aren’t serious about content soon – there’s no growth in aiming your content at that sector. Don’t say you weren’t warned!