How much does a free website cost?

Posted by johnwhitfield at 1:32 PM on Jul 29, 2020

How much is a free website?

Is there such a thing as a free website?

People ask why is there a cost in compiling a "free" website?

The glib answer to that question is nothing is really free! "Free" website builders always have hosting fees attached too, so they are not really free of all costs. That's not to say they are not good value, but there is definitely a financial transaction involved.

Like anything the only way there is no associated cost with a "free" site is to do everything yourself - and that still doesn't make it free because time is money!

If you spend ages building a "free" website at the expense of doing your real job, you probably won't end up saving any money at all - and that is before you get into the debate about how it looks!

You can get some really good results from using hosted solutions, but there is time required to get the right outcome for your business requirements. 

If you have a limited budget you could take advantage of a template based solution.
There are thousands of options out there and some of them are excellent, and could be utilised to save dollars in the user interface design phase.
Where problems can arise though is in making changes to the template, if you are going to require modifications they should be noted at the outset so we can decide if a template is going to be efficient.
If the modifications mean significant changes would be needed it could be a better option to look at custom design.
This means you would be assured all the features you need are able to be used on your website.

Custom design enables flexibility throughout the process, so anytime you want to make a substantial change it can be more easily accommodated, plus you will always have support. so it can work out to be better value in the long term.

Another commonly asked question is can you make changes to my "free" website?

The short answer is no not really, the web builder platforms are excellent at what they do, but there are limitations.

You don't have access to the base code so customising them is very difficult, and is often contrary to their recommendations on using the platform. At the very least you'll find you are not protected by warranties if you change the base code, and there is no guarantee custom code will work on their platforms.