How much is a free website?

Posted by johnwhitfield at 9:31 AM on Sep 1, 2021

If you can make your own website that's the only time it is "free", but even then it is only free in terms of not having to pay someone to build it for you, unless you own a server and a hosting set up you will still be up for maintenance costs.

We often have discussions with people saying why don't I just build it myself? The answer is why don't you? If you can then go for it!

The reality is always different, it is usually a matter of when you run out of patience, which is usually about the time you realise that if you had the site professionally developed it would have been live by now and the week you spent on it is leaving a big gap in your earnings.

Everyone has a camera in their pocket these days, but professional photographers are thriving, the reason is you get what you pay for!