Maybe too expensive not to have one...

Posted by johnwhitfield at 12:35 PM on Apr 28, 2020

If you’re looking for a way to expand your reach and find new customers, it’s time to start thinking seriously about a website for your small business. With 36% of small business shoppers discovering new businesses through online research these days, there’s simply no good reason not to have a presence on the web. However, nearly half of small businesses still don’t. Why is that?

According to research, the majority of those without a website say it’s because a website simply isn’t relevant for their business, or is too expensive for them.

As far as expense goes; of course it’s true that most small business budgets are tight, so it’s therefore hard to justify adding another monthly expense to the list that's already long enough. However, there are very affordable ways to get online today – especially when you consider the potential return on your investment.

If what’s keeping you from getting a website for your business is the idea that it’s not relevant for you, have a quick play on Google and see if there is really nobody in your area of expertise that has a website, if you don't find anyone that does what you do then you would really be unique.

Not having a website these days gives your competition a free run, you are not even competing - try one of our express websites to test the water - get your online presence established and see what happens from there - what have you got to lose?

Call us today 021 242 7010 we can help you through the process - you'll be suprised how easy it is, and that might just be why everyone else is doing it!