Is Content important? Can't I just post something from the web?

Posted by johnwhitfield at 1:40 PM on Jul 29, 2020

How important is specific website copy?

It is really simple - content is what makes people have a good experience when they visit your website, and up to date content is what helps them decide to do business with you.

If you know your service is better than your competitor, but they tell a better story, then your quality will stay a secret - visitors need to be told your story.

Successful website projects all have one thing in common - relevant content. This can cover a multitude of areas - whether you are selling products or services, your client base needs to know what's going on.

Content is directly linked to sales - and every business has a story to tell...
Have you got a promotion running?
Is there a new product launch on the horizon?
Some new customer feedback?
Or maybe a new employee, or someone did something cool at work - these are the things people want to know about your business.

Planned content updates make a difference - if you don't update your website it will not perform to its capabilities.

Marketing today is primarily online, and online marketing is all about engaging with your customers or target audience.

No longer is it acceptable to talk AT your customers, now businesses are expected to have conversations and offer an open relationship WITH our customers.

These days, our clients have a high quality website and most, if not all, have some sort of social media presence. The missing link is now in using those tools effectively and to their full capabilities.

Why would anyone bother visiting your website again if it’s just the same old sales pitch or features and benefits that we’ve seen before?

Why would anyone bother to follow your Facebook page or click through to your website if all you’re posting is self-promotion and sales offers?

Engaging with your customers is all about putting yourself in their shoes and asking yourself what do they want to know? Yes, your ultimate goal is to convert interest into sales but to get there you need to be showing that you understand your customer, you know the decision process they are going through, you can provide the answers they are seeking.

You create this engagement through fresh, high quality content.

Fresh content will also improve your ranking on Google searches where you have included those keywords relevant to your product or service. Even when you have upgraded your website to a mobile optimised platform, creating and uploading fresh content is an easy and affordable way to achieve and maintain high rankings.

Fresh content is also the way we drive traffic = enquiries = prospective customers to your website from your Facebook page, LinkedIn page, microsite or other blog sites. By simply turning a fairly generic testimonial into the more interesting customer story (with a photo!), we can then share interesting snippets (with more photos!) of that story through all our other online channels with a link back to the website for the full story.

So, don’t let that website or social media page become a ball and chain! Get some real value out of your investment, make these marketing channels work for you and start getting fresh!