Start Up or New Direction?

You may be launching your business, or you might be looking to change direction - let's work through the process and get you on the right track.

We provide strategies and design services to make your brand stand out and reach your audience.

What is brand development?

Brand development is the process of maintaining the quality, distinctive marketing assets, and consumer trust of a brand. Brand development is an ongoing process of serving consumers.

You might hear phrases like “brand development process” or “brand development strategy” and think of a brand development checklist that gets you from start to finish. Bing bang boom, your brand is developed and now you’re done.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Reality is that brand development is never “done.” There are steps to brand development, but great brands revisit their brand development constantly – and everything they do is informed by the brand they want to maintain.

Your brand is your business’s personality, and it’s always in development.

Is there a difference between brand development and branding?

Yes, there is!

One is a general concept, the other is the execution behind the concept. Both are important, but still different.

  • Brand development = the concept. Brand development is learning about and promoting a brand’s unique traits.
  • Branding = the execution. Branding is the tangible application of every communication method you use to promote your brand.

What other phrases do you hear? Things like:

  • Brand identity
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand management

Are they all the same thing?

No, but they all contribute to brand development.

Although there’s a slight difference between branding and brand development, both work towards one important goal – getting people to know who you are.

A customer’s relationship with a business is like any other personal relationship – it requires continuous development or it will turn stale.

You need to show that you care about the development of your business’ brand. When you care about your brand, your customers care too. Here’s how to show that you care – AKA what you need to do for the best, continuous brand development.


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The Brand Development Process

This is a staged approach

The 4 official steps in the brand development process

Remember, don’t take the word “step” too literally. Completing a step sounds like a one-and-done action. But the brand development process is continuous.

With that in mind, here are 4 official steps for brand development.

  1. Know your business
  2. Know your audience
  3. Create your resources
  4. Manage your brand growth

The Brand Development Process