What we do and how we do it

How to choose a web design and digital marketing agency.

We’ve compiled a list – naturally, we tick all the boxes

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a web design company and digital marketing agency. Learn what to look for so you can make the best choice and know what mistakes to avoid.

Choose a partner that is long established

Whitfield Consulting has been around since mobile phones were bricks and couldn't really make a call let alone send an email! So we know IT and tech isn't your favourite thing, so part of our role is helping our clients adapt so they don’t get left behind.

Today, more than ever we have to be agile, people are learning to live and work in new ways and businesses are having to adapt like never before. Our team is here to help you work out what these changes mean for you, so you can grab hold of every opportunity.

People deal with people, it sounds simple and that's because it is - you need to trust us, we need to trust you - the relationship grows from there.

Tell the story

How we work

The process is tried and tested

Step one - we meet!

We provide full services tailored to your requirements.

Whitfield Consulting offers a complete end-to-end service, from brand values, graphic design and logo creation through to web design, copywriting and digital marketing. We can also collaborate creatively as a team to find the best solutions for you, and by keeping all services in-house, we can work more efficiently and keep costs down for our clients.

Be wary of companies that send work overseas, it often exploits people and results in poor outcomes as we have seen time and again when companies ask us to step in and pick up the pieces after the "cheaper" version goes wrong.

Fact Finding

Tell us about your project

Check out our portfolio to find examples of our work. They say ‘past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour’, we’re proud of our work and we give all of our clients our full attention - it starts with the premise that there's a good reason why we have two ears and one mouth! We listen and take the time to understand your business.

You can be assured of a strong, attractive and professional online presence.

Credible, proven and technically savvy
Your digital marketing and web design project is in safe hands with Whitfield Consulting. Everyone on our team has considerable industry experience; they are all ‘seasoned professionals’.

Experience matters most in adding value to your business, we don't just go through the motions, part of our job is to challenge you and really get to the point.

Fact Finding

Do it properly

How much does a bad site cost?

We are fast, flexible and very affordable

Many people think you have to pay a lot for a quality service like ours, but we only charge what’s fair and what we would be prepared to pay ourselves for a high value service that gets results.

Having designed thousands of websites, we have the experience to work flexibly and deliver custom solutions and we know what is involved, which is how we know what it costs.

At Whitfield Consulting our goal is simple. We’re here to help businesses be more successful through smart digital marketing. We understand what those extra leads can mean; after all, we’re a small business too.

We’ve fine-tuned our digital marketing and web design experience into a proven process that will help you get focused, grow your sales and grow your business.

This whole process is about delivering value for money