Public side of a multi-faceted ecommerce business. This project caters for two very distinct markets where the information is critically sensitive.


Cheap Sweets this way!

Online sales vehicle for public orders of bulk confectionery - if you are involved in fundraising for your club or school look no further, just don't eat all the sweets yourself!
Ask about the affiliate programme to make sure your organisation gets the benefit.

This site is fully integrated with Infusion for the product information which is updated seamlessly - as the information is very sensitive in terms of the business set up it is crucial that only the appropriate information is displayed on the live website.

The site is being promoted via a specific campaign with Google Adwords. We'll keep you updated on the progress.

Contact Details

ph + 64 7 543 3115
m +  021 242 7010


1 Jarrah Park Drive
Pyes Pa