What we do, and what we don't

What's different about us?

We develop websites, we've been doing it for years - we're good at it.

Our sites work - one of our clients has made over $5million dollars worth of sales on their website in the last two years. That's a big number to some people, and a massive number to others, to us it is a number we are very proud of.

We develop brands, we've been doing that for years too, and we are good at it too, that combination is how a business goes from zero online sales, to $5M NZD in two years.

We develop systems - like reports and online forms, and health & safety programmes - you get the picture - we've been doing it for a while, and we are good at it - we can keep saying it because it is true.

Making websites isn't the hard part - in fact it is the easy bit, anyone can throw a website together - the hard part is making your site, the one that works for you! This can only be achieved by understanding what it is that you actually need, then our challenge is to bring that to life.

It takes hard work, it is not a magic wand and anyone who implies different is leading you down the wrong path - it needs investment in time and funds, but when you do it right it is superb value for money.

Some people shout it all out, and throw out all the jargon using the current buzzwords - we prefer to listen and deliver.


Here's what we do, and a bit about what we don't do - that's often the most important piece of information you need!
We work on trust and on developing long term business relationships. We don't just build you a site in the only system we have access to, then wish you good luck! We can be with you every step of the way.

What we don't do

Make false promises - as above - we don't sell magic wands! We take the time to listen to your objectives and come up with a plan to help you achieve them, that means there is work to do, but we are happy to help.

Push you in a direction you don't want to go - you know your business, or you believe in your idea, so there's no way we are going to try and push you where you don't want to go. We will ask questions and challenge your thinking, but it will always lead to a stronger outcome.

Take the easy way - have you ever worked with someone who said, "yeah I wondered if that would work" - we work with you to try and cover the what ifs before they happen, sometimes that is a difficult process but it has to be done.

Give up - if you believe in something why would you quit, sometimes it takes time, but persistence pays off - if you expect overnight results you've either got a massive budget or the ultimate solution!

Pretend to be the cheapest, or worry about what other people do - we look at every project on its merits, and the process we use is designed to get you the best results.

Contact Details

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